The stench in my bedroom is overwhelming

My heart
Torn from my chest
And flung into a bin
That I haven’t emptied in years.

Don’t stop now!

“You love me, I love you and so it goes
On and on and on and on…”
How many?
My poor head.

Time and time again you begged me to stay

Stop right there!

And I broke two hearts
At once

But darling Ian
I couldn’t watch you watch me suffer
Turning off lights that never came on
Answering doors to hosts of ghosts
Fleeing into the night from tropical moths
And watching devils on Coronation St. 
Gorging on human flesh…

I love you Ian
With every bit of my heart in a basket
But I am a basket-case
And I’m running out of steam
And your baby blue eyes were too innocent to see through me
And that’s the reason I turned you down,
My tall, blondie, handsome man
My whispering willow
My reason for saying


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