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Maria Ní Mhurchú

My glass is nearly empty
Waiter !
The same again
I like the look of you
When you’re looking like that !
You don’t give a Damn
The attraction
The redemption
I look in your eyes
And I’m greeted with love
The white of your eye
In it… a winged creature
A dove
My love
Damn you I don’t want another drink
I’d love a chat
And a coffee cup
Half full this time
No dairy…
No such thing as half empty
In my diary….

KPSN #cckhowdoesitfeel

For Ian xxx

The Aurora Borealis 

Maria Ní Mhurchú

A butterfly lands softly on my finger

And smiles up at me

Her wings are rich in colour

Golden like the sun

With a delicate sliver of sliver

Running through them

Her antenna a gorgeous vermillion

With great big bright blue eyes

“I’ll grant you one wish” she says…

“if you won’t stamp on me”

Moths scare the hell out of me

I wish I could meet my blondy boy

It’s been seven years…

That’s my one true love-wish I say

Fear gripping my body

Because of this tiny little creature

Tears welling behind my eyes

Close your eyes

Tightly – she says

I catch my breath and do as I am bid

Isn’t courage, fear holding on a minute longer?

I feel droplets of dew falling on my face

I feel free

And throw myself under the shower of rain

Dancing the salsa like a mad-woman

Feeling like this fairie friend had lifted

My magical curse of shyness

There’s a rainbow in the sky

The butterfly disappears into a myriad of colour

And I see Ian coming towards me

Wheeling his bicycle

And an umbrella in his other hand

Just for me

The umbrella

Is a myriad of butterflies.

An Adventure

An Adventure 

Maria Ní Mhurchú 

Today is the first day 

Of the rest of my life. 

I say that every day 😉😉

The roof is on fire 🔥 

My heart ❤ was broken 

To smithereens 

A crying shame

But now it’s raining

And like a bat out of Hell

I escaped your clutches 

I might release an album 

I might shout it from

The burning roof top 

I think I’ll stick

The kettle on

And have a nice cup of tea

Because I’m free…

Thanks to the Paraclete 

I’m on my way

Though I don’t know

Where I’m going

But I don’t care

I’ve got You to look after me

On my next adventure.  



Maria Ní Mhurchú 

Scrolling down thru Instagram

There are

Thin girls 

Skinny latte girls

Girls with abs

Working out

Walking out

Wilting over a piece of let-us 

Let us see


Cubby girls

Fat girls

Ordinary girls

Not filtered 

Every day beauties…

Girls escaping the misery of Covid-19  

By being in touch with


Social – distancing 

But staying in touch

In their world where

Common sense prevails…

I had 4 Cadbury flakes

Last night

I’m heavy for my height

I try to manage my weight

As best I can

During the lockdown

I admit 

I may have gone a bit mad

But I’m no flake….!!!!!

Gentle Jesus

Maria Ñí Mhurchú

He came into this world

With nothing

Like all of us

He grew up 

With a loving ❤ family

To look after him. 

Many of us

Are that lucky…

He went to the Temple

When he was twelve

And lost track of time

Mom and Dad distraught

Fearing they’d lost him

Like today’s

Moms and Dads…

A lot like today’s teenagers

Jesus was intelligent 

He wasn’t afraid to speak

With the scribes 

Who were so well versed

In the Old Testament. 

Girls fall for boys every day

It’s human nature

Girls find boys divine

Jesus was as Divine

As he was human 

He never put a foot wrong 

Ask Mary Magdalen  !