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Cupids Concoction

Cupids Concoction 

Maria Ní Mhurchú 

Everytime we say goodbye

I allow you to go

I can’t hear the Blackbird 

Sing about it

Raven wings 

A scarlet beak 

A red blooded sword 


When you’re near

There’s magic

Everytime you say hello

I hear the Robin

Shot thru her red breast 

With Cupids arrow

One hundred days

A week

Or a lifetime

I’ll wait for

Cupids kiss 💋 

Of life

Until I’m strong again…

Molasses Madness

Molasses Madness 

Maria Ní Mhurchú

He makes me long for you

A new religion

Brings me to my knees

With his little boy smile

I’m a better friend

I’ll make sure

I get to you

And we’ll make 💘 

Under a Southern sky

With a bottle of Southern Comfort

We don’t need to talk 

We can just be

While you hold my hand

As we lie together ❤ 

While we are still

Hiding from Covid-19…

My Fairie Child

My Fairie Child

Maria Ní Mhurchú

My little one

Where did you go to

Disappear from me

And fly away 

To go to Tír na n-Óg 

On the wings of a snow white dove 

Where you left me hanging for so long

To a delicate silvery moon 🌙 

That lit up your wings of gossamer 

And pierced the turbulent dark night

Making shadows where I stand

Dreaming in the mist 

Either of Spring or Summer 

Every moment I’m awake…

These dreams go on forever

I walk across an empty land

My fairie- friend

Is this the place we loved

To take a candle

And light it

From a falling  star 🌟 

But I rely on you to come back

To come back to me

And rekindle my fire 🔥 

Or is this the end of everything

Can we go somewhere

Only we know

My fairie friend

Of yore  



Maria Ní Mhurchú 

Isn’t it the weekend ?

And I’m wearing that new dress

I can’t afford 

Where do I go ? 

From the bedroom 

To the kitchen….

I reach out to hold you…

With tears in your eyes

You tell me you love 💘  me

More every day..  

You don’t have to say you love me

I’d walk thru fire 🔥 for you

Beautiful brown skin

With chocolate eyes

I adore 💗 you…

I can’t say goodbye to you

I just want to find my way back

To you

From the kitchen 

To the bedroom…

It Should Have Been You

It Should Have Been You 

Maria Ní Mhurchú

It should have been you

When I create a new piece

You’re my muse

The Michelangelo

Of my caged heart ❤  

I lost you to my dreams

Twenty years ago

You showered me with attention

And I was shy

So I let you go

My only ♥ intention

Was to love 💘 you

Now I’m knocking at your door again

I never got over you

To tell you the truth

Tell me the truth

And don’t break my heart

Into smithereens 

Once again

Open your eyes and your ears

Twenty twenty

Clear vision…

I haven’t felt this way

Since the day

You left me.  

Will you cocoon with me ?

After all

You’re the architect of my life

And I need you now 🎶 

After all

It could have been you

It should have been you

It would have been you…


It should have been you. 

6th May 2020

The Single Pringle

The Single Pringle

Maria Ní Mhurchú

Why don’t you pray for me ? 
You pray for priests 
And the challenges they face
Why don’t you pray for me ?
You pray for the front line workers
With prayers and song 
Why don’t you pray for me ?
You pray for married couples
And the hardships they suffer
And young people
Who are doubly blessed 
According to you
Why don’t you pray for me ?

Jesus is the Good Shepherd 
He makes miracles happen
He has a grá for Mary Magdalen.
He prays 🙏 for all of us and leaves no body out 
Read the Bible and you will see…
Why don’t you pray for me ? 

Leaves of Magic

Leaves of Magic

Maria Ní Mhurchú

I walk thru the woods
I’m scared now…
Help me!
But nobody hears…

Falling and rising
I walk towards the
Huge Oak tree
My little body
Shaking like the divil.

It starts to rain
it helps me escape
I know I’m loved
Yes, I hear Dad’s whisper
Inside my head
“Put on your coat
Don’t let the rain pull the rug
from under you”

A huge insect flies over my head
i scream
The moth stands on the great oak
and laughs
She laughs!
I laugh!

It’s Tinkerbell
The little Fairie
My magical friend
Now I see her wings
Like the dew-fall
And her little satin dress
As azure blue as your eyes
“Don’t be scared, hunny”
The Fairie says
Follow me and you’ll be grand…
Come dry those tears

I do as I’m told
And I see Dad after sheep
At the other end of the woods.

Thank you Tinkerbell
“Next time
Stay at home and be safe”
She whispers and laughs
I laugh too…
Who believes in fairies…?!

Duilleoga Draíochta

Duilleoga Draíochta

Maria Ní Mhurchú

Siúlaim tríd an gcoill

Táim sceimhlithe


Tar i gcabhair orm!

Ach ní chloiseann éinne mé.

Suím síos in aice chrann mór darach

Mo chorp ar crith.

Tosnaíonn an bháisteach

Agus cloisim guth mo Dhaid

Istigh im’ cheann

“Cuir ort casóg

Féach ar na scamaill”.

Cím feithid ollmhór

Ag eitilt im’ threo

Deinim scréach 

Seasann an fheithid ar chrann in aice  liom 

Deineann sí gáire

Deinimse gáire.

Tinkerbell atá ann

Fairie beag

Mo chara draíochta

Anois cím a sciatháin

Déanta den ndrúcht

Agus gúna beag síoda gorm uirthi

“Ná bíodh aon eagla ort, a chroí” 

Arsa an Fairie liomsa

Lean mise agus beir alright.

Dheineas amhlaidh 

Agus chonac m’athair

I ndiaidh na gcaorach 

Ar an dtaobh eile den choill.