My Fairie Child

My Fairie Child

Maria Ní Mhurchú

My little one

Where did you go to

Disappear from me

And fly away 

To go to Tír na n-Óg 

On the wings of a snow white dove 

Where you left me hanging for so long

To a delicate silvery moon 🌙 

That lit up your wings of gossamer 

And pierced the turbulent dark night

Making shadows where I stand

Dreaming in the mist 

Either of Spring or Summer 

Every moment I’m awake…

These dreams go on forever

I walk across an empty land

My fairie- friend

Is this the place we loved

To take a candle

And light it

From a falling  star 🌟 

But I rely on you to come back

To come back to me

And rekindle my fire 🔥 

Or is this the end of everything

Can we go somewhere

Only we know

My fairie friend

Of yore  

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