It Should Have Been You

It Should Have Been You 

Maria Ní Mhurchú

It should have been you

When I create a new piece

You’re my muse

The Michelangelo

Of my caged heart ❤  

I lost you to my dreams

Twenty years ago

You showered me with attention

And I was shy

So I let you go

My only ♥ intention

Was to love 💘 you

Now I’m knocking at your door again

I never got over you

To tell you the truth

Tell me the truth

And don’t break my heart

Into smithereens 

Once again

Open your eyes and your ears

Twenty twenty

Clear vision…

I haven’t felt this way

Since the day

You left me.  

Will you cocoon with me ?

After all

You’re the architect of my life

And I need you now 🎶 

After all

It could have been you

It should have been you

It would have been you…


It should have been you. 

6th May 2020

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