Leaves of Magic

Leaves of Magic

Maria Ní Mhurchú

I walk thru the woods
I’m scared now…
Help me!
But nobody hears…

Falling and rising
I walk towards the
Huge Oak tree
My little body
Shaking like the divil.

It starts to rain
it helps me escape
I know I’m loved
Yes, I hear Dad’s whisper
Inside my head
“Put on your coat
Don’t let the rain pull the rug
from under you”

A huge insect flies over my head
i scream
The moth stands on the great oak
and laughs
She laughs!
I laugh!

It’s Tinkerbell
The little Fairie
My magical friend
Now I see her wings
Like the dew-fall
And her little satin dress
As azure blue as your eyes
“Don’t be scared, hunny”
The Fairie says
Follow me and you’ll be grand…
Come dry those tears

I do as I’m told
And I see Dad after sheep
At the other end of the woods.

Thank you Tinkerbell
“Next time
Stay at home and be safe”
She whispers and laughs
I laugh too…
Who believes in fairies…?!

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