New Year’s Eve in Dingle

New Year’s Eve in Dingle

Maria Ní Mhurchú

Night is the Angel of darkness
A bit like a crow
A bit more beautiful.

Stars hang onto her feathers for dear life
As she sweeps over the planet.
These look like babies
Except for their little black wings
And their stocks of fiery, white curls
Long and fabulous
A bit like a hippy
And almost as beautiful.

The babes play together
Shooting here and there
A fantastic display of fireworks
In the night sky.

I watch from the quay in Dingle
As the Artist’s pallet fills us in awe
A splendour befitting a king

Then night puts a finger to her lips
Shush! She says, smiling at her flock.
Suddenly I see Mary
As the moon paints her face a
Watery sea…
Mirroring her magnificence.

As I gaze at the night sky
I see night nursing her flock
And I know in my heart
That the coming year
Will herald in peace and contentment
As each babe
Eyes closing
Sleep in the arms of their mother.

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