The Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis by Maria Ní Mhurchú

A butterfly lands softly on my finger
And smiles up at me
Her wings are rich in colour
Golden like the sun
With a delicate sliver of sliver
Running through them
Her antenna a gorgeous vermillion
With great big bright blue eyes

“I’ll grant you one wish” she says…
“if you won’t stamp on me”

Moths scare the hell out of me

I wish I could meet my blondy boy
It’s been seven years…
That’s my one true love-wish I say
Fear gripping my body
Because of this tiny little creature
Tears welling behind my eyes

Close your eyes
Tightly – she says
I catch my breath and do as I am bid
Isn’t courage, fear holding on a minute longer?
I feel droplets of dew falling on my face
I feel free
And throw myself under the shower of rain
Dancing the salsa like a mad-woman
Feeling like this fairie friend had lifted
My magical curse of shyness

There’s a rainbow in the sky
The butterfly disappears into a myriad of colour
And I see Ian coming towards me
Wheeling his bicycle
And an umbrella in his other hand
Just for me
The umbrella
Is a myriad of butterflies.

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