What’s it like ?

What’s it like ?

Someone today
Asked me
What it feels like…

He said it must be
The same as having
A lingering hangover.

If only
I replied
I could deal with that…

I said to John
Trying to make him understand
The sheer anguish
The suffering
That shakes the devil in me

I said to him
It’s when a black smog
Between your ears
And nothing
But nothing
Can get rid of it

It makes you feel
And angry with the world…

I said
It’s when a crowd of rats
Infest your mind
Eating away
Through the grey matter
Scraping and gnawing
Gnawing and scraping
Inside your brain
Leaving nothing
But a trail of destruction

They go on their merry way
Only to return
The following morning
To begin again.

That’s depression.

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