Cafe Terrace at night

Café Terrace at Night

Maria Ní Mhurchú

On a night like this
I view the scene before my eyes
And I wish I could escape my small room
and sit on the chair
under the dark blue sky
and have a waiter
serve me fine Parisian Coffee.

I could look up at the stars
in the Heavens
or chat to the couple
crossing the road
oblivious to everyone but me
and to my strange Naughty’s attire.

Low cut jeans and a halter neck top…

I light a candle and I say a prayer
There are no candles where you are
waiting for me.

Only a starry starry night…

I’m jealous as I look around
at the clutter-filled cocoon
I call my kitchen.

I want company
I need company
If only I could sit at your table
It’s such a peaceful scene
and blue is my favourite colour.

I love the way it lights up the night.

Help me escape
Help me sleep
Help me dream
About the scene you’ve created.

It’s such a peaceful scene
and blue is my favourite colour.

But everything is not what it seems, is it?
You cut off your ear in a moment of madness
Shortly after you painted that scene.

So much for serenity.

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