My Whispering Willow

(in honour of my Guardian Angel)

As I light the bonfire
The wind brushes against my ear
I hear a whisper
Stand back from the flames…

How many times have you whispered to me?

I hear you in the mornings
When I’m desperately trying…
To lift my head off the pillow

There are days…
When I don’t feel like even…
But then you whisper
Get that coffee down
and face the day with a smile

And I do as you bid me to

I look in the mirror and though sometimes…
I don’t like the look of the person
Looking back at me…
You’re there, too…
Looking over my shoulder,

And I smile ‘caus’ you remind me…
That God commands you to watch over me
And I know I’m safe
And I’m grateful for another day
With my Whispering Willow

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