Shank’s Mare

I love to walk. Not only am I exercising but it’s free and I feel free!

Life’s shackles can be cumbersome so I relish throwing on my walking gear and heading down the open road.

Music accompanies me on my rambles, be it to the sides of hills, or to a leafy wood.

A Northface jacket is essential. Keen’s manufacture a great brand of sandal; they are both stylish and wearable even if a little pricey.

A Sony Walkman is now very competitively priced and because most of us have Smartphones, there is no excuse for not having your favourite downloads, podcasts and djs’ at the tap of a button.

I like my own company and because I’m a writer, I am mindful of my beautiful surroundings.

Swarms of starlings circumnavigate sycamore trees, while a black-eyed cocker spaniel pees against the wind. A graceful swan bows to the beauty of the band Elbow as I soak in the rhythms of A Day Like This.

A three mile walk gives me the stamina I require to take on the tasks my day requires.

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