From DimWit to Light Wit… LOL….!!!

The Funky Dunky

 Hey look!

It’s the Funky Dunky.

Why is that parachute tied ‘round your belly?

Where have you come from?

Down from Heaven – I’d say

But you don’t have a cross on your back


That’s a myth.


The donkey who brought Jesus into Jerusalem

Didn’t have a cross on his back

Donkey’s with crosses are donkey wannabees!

They are jealous of you 

You are holy in your own way

Your hoofs are golden because they walk on holy ground.

Your tail is made of silver.

No fly would dare land on your back.


My nickname for you is Sunny.


The sky is blue when you’re in town.

The sun shines.

A glorious day when you strut your stuff.


You rise your head and bray

Calling on nature to bow before you.

The trees do as you bid them

Frightened that if they don’t obey you

That you will disappear

And allow the hurricane free rain

Uprooting everything in it’s path


What would I do with out you?

Who would bring me my messages?

I would be lost without my Funky Dunky.


Put on your marigold hat and we’ll hit the road.

Make music while the hay shines…is our motto.

Let’s dance down the Golden Mile

And you can throw your golden hoofs

To the wind.


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