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Tsunami Heroine

A year on and I can’t get you out of my head

Your courage knocked me for six

The picture showed a white wall of water

And tiny matchstick bodies running for their lives

But you – Karin Svard – though

You were nameless at the time –

Courageously sprinting, against all the odds

Headlong into Hell

In order to save your family.

Pictured all over the world,

With a lump in my throat I thought…

That’s the end of her…but miracles do happen

You all flew back to the safety of your nest

On New Year’s Eve

So close to death, you said that it was impossible to describe

Your New Year’s Resolution: realising how valuable

Life really is

You became the whole world’s heroine – unknown to yourself

In a world that at the time was turned on its head

By the unyielding power of Nature.

The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight

The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight

She took out her mirror and put on her make-up. The car pulled up, REM blaring on the radio and a group of men laughed and jeered at her. She pulled a dirty grey blanket from her bag and lay on the sidewalk - lipstick all over her face. She cried until she fell asleep. Again.

Is breá liom do ghuth

Maria Ní Mhurchú

Don Athair Pádraig Ó Fiannachta
Led’ theangain líofa
Agus led’ intleacht ársa
Tógann tú an podium.
Tosnaíonn tú ag caint…
I nGréigis
I Laidin
I mBéarla
As Gaolainn.
Léimeann mo chroí le háthas
Nuair a labhrann tú.
Cím meangadh gáire
Ar an bhean
Atá in aice liom.
Tá’s aice sin
Is tása agamsa
Gur rógaire críochnaithe thú!!
Ach ní deirimid faic…
Lean ar aghaidh ag caint
Agus tabharfaidh tú
Muintir na Cruinne go léir le chéile
Mar i m’aigne-se
Gur b’shin é atá ar bun agat
Ón gcéad lá a deineadh
Sagart díot. 

New Poem - I'm a Dreamer

[In honour of PCD winning the Hogan Cup Final...twice…!!]

Dream big
Build a skyscraper
Build a cathedral
Brick by brick
After all
Moving a mountain
Begins with the grasp
Of one small stone.

Win All-Irelands
That aren't easily won.
Train physically
Train emotionally
Be disciplined

You may not be able
To see the top of the stairs
But you can take the first step...

Contact Maria


Phone:+353 (0)868870478

Dingle, county Kerry, Eire